validate AND LAUNCH your business idea,

in less than A month.

start here.

We've helped scale some of Asia's largest brands.

We're a team of former founders and growth experts that have launched and scaled companies to millions of users from scratch.

Anything from brick and mortar retail, to large tech companies. We'd like to bring that expertise to you.

Our goal:

To help you turn an idea you have, into an actual business with your first customers.

We'll help you rapidly validate your business idea, iterate on your pitch, and get your first customers, all without building anything before hand.

And that's how starting a business should work.

We'll ensure that your idea is something actually feasible and worth starting on, by getting you your first batch of customers before building anything.

Ultimately you'll avoid the trap of spending time and money setting something up, only to crickets chirping.

the 2 types of people we'd like to work with.

People with an idea

If you have an idea but haven't yet started on it, we'll help you get going on your best foot.

Early stage businesses

If you and possibly your partners have recently started on something, but are having difficulty getting customers or users, that's where we work best.

Our leadership.


Founding partner


Founding partner

If you have an idea, start here.

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